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The 4 best types of front doors for your home

First impressions are made at the front door of a home. You can tell a lot about a house by its entrance. Thanks to the bespoke door manufacturer, it is easy to find a door style that expresses your aesthetic and personality with the vast array of door styles available.

Apart from finding a front door that works well and meets your daily needs, it's essential to find one that fits your lifestyle. Finding the right front door for you is easier if you know the types available.

It is essential not to be overwhelmed by the many different types of front doors available. Listed below are four types of front doors so you can determine which is right for you. There is a wide range of characteristics among these doors. Find the best fit for your home by reading on!


Let the light through with the front door and make a strong statement with it. The full benefit of natural light and the outdoors is retained without being bothered by insects and other outdoor nuisances. Glass front doors are available in various sizes, colours, and styles.

Privacy is something to consider. If you prefer more privacy, you can install curtains over the door. If you have a single-paned glass door, you should feel an installation of double-paned glass. It provides extra security, durability, and insulation.

Panelled glass door

A glass front door is attractive, but you might want a little more privacy than what is offered by a single pane. It would be good to have glass panels on the doors. There will still be plenty of natural light coming through the glass panels. There are numerous types of these doors; the panels come in different shapes and patterns.

The cleaning process is a headache with glass-panelled doors! However, the aesthetic of this type of door makes the cleaning process worth it despite the difficulty of cleaning the panels.

Steel Door

If security is your primary concern and you want a front door as strong as security gates, then steel doors are the right choice. The highest level of security, and strength, can be achieved with steel front doors. Steel is available in a wide range of gauges: the lower the meter, the thicker the steel. It's easy to find a steel door that's right for your style, as they are available in many different types.

Doors can suffer from wear and tear during extreme weather, and they may dent when they are struck. On the other hand, if you have bought your steel door from a reputable and certified manufacturer, then the chances of this happening are minimized.

Fibreglass door

The popularity of fibreglass front doors is increasing with the trend of bespoke doors. If you want a wooden door look, you can still achieve it with these doors. It is possible to achieve a beautiful wood grain look without having to deal with upkeep. With so many styles to choose from, you're sure to find the door that fits your needs and suits your style.