Yes. We take basic raw materials and turn them into finished doors at our own factory in Swanley, Unit 7, Broomfield works, London Road, BR8 8TH.

It depends on how many doors you’re having fitted we usually take between a few hours to a full shift.

A rough opening is simply the doorway without any jambs or casings. Typically our contemporary doors come prehung for your convenience and include the jambs, hinges, casings and jamb extensions if necessary.

Make 3 measurements of the widths between the studs in the rough opening. Then measure the height of the opening on both sides. The measurements might be slightly off, so use the smallest as your reference.

Security Doors Factory can build any door in any size. If you can email us a picture or send us a link that shows the design you like we’ll be able to let you know what building it would involve.

Patio doors come in lots of shapes and sizes but most importantly, in sliding door options. This means you don’t need to accommodate a swinging door and can fit a patio door into a smaller space than normal.